Collaboration with OLO foundation
It is with great pride that I officially announce today our partnership with a 3rd Quebec foundation. This time, the Olo Foundation is joining Clicöt's mission with the same values ​​of helping as many people as possible! Since 1991, Fondation Olo has been collaborating with stakeholders who work with families living in a context of vulnerability by providing them with a range of foods (eggs, milk, frozen vegetables) and prenatal multivitamins as part of nutrition aimed at reducing the number of low birth weight babies. Fondation Olo now offers tools and services aimed at empowering parents to help their child acquire healthy eating habits. By targeting the period from pregnancy to the second year of the child's life, Fondation Olo supports action in the field by placing early action at the heart of its message, through three behaviors: eating well, cooking, eat with family. Their MISSION: Give families an equal chance to deliver healthy babies and learn healthy eating habits early in life. Their VISION: That all babies have an equal chance of being born healthy and adopting healthy eating habits early in life. To achieve this, the Olo Foundation innovates in the development of tools and means, contributes to the evolution of practices and orchestrates with its partners the deployment of services to families throughout Quebec. You can therefore, starting today, use the code ''OLO20'' when you buy a watch and Clicöt will donate $20 directly to the foundation. I am proud to say that our company encourages mutual aid and above all, local foundations!
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