Action Autisme was founded in 1996 by parents of autistic children to promote interventions that improve the health and well-being of people with autism and to support parents who, while waiting for services or left with nothing, decide to take charge of their child's intervention program themselves. The organization offers financial support for training, a sponsorship service, information sharing, in addition to welcoming parents to its new center located in Laval for materials library and mentoring services.
We are duly registered and have a charitable number which allows us to issue tax receipts where permitted by law.

Since autism is not a disease, we cannot speak of a cure or a healing process. On the other hand, the different therapeutic approaches help people with autism to acquire a better understanding and management of their condition and to improve their skills, thus increasing their autonomy and their chance to develop fully. These treatments require the expertise of professionals who, very often, are not covered by the public health system. The traditional model, in which specialists take charge of the intervention program with the child, generates costs that are far too high to be viable. Action Autisme offers parents the opportunity to acquire interventions themselves that are within their reach and to call on specialists in order to supervise the interventions of the parent/volunteer team. This affordable model then allows the child to receive much-needed help.


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