Kevin Lapierre is a 31-year-old bartender originally from Quebec but well established in Montreal for a few years. Proud son of a soldier, Kevin shines with his enthusiasm and his unparalleled smile. It is with his participation in the televised reality shows; Occupation Double and Big Brother Celebrities that he became known to the Quebec public, having won the prize of the People's Favorite during his first appearance in Occupation Double Afrique du South.
When he’s not participating in his reality shows, Kevin enjoys spending time at the gym, with his friends and his cat. He is an avid traveler and enjoys immersing himself in different cultures, which is why he has a repertoire of very in-depth general knowledge. Kevin has a particular interest in being on stage and everything media related. Having already accumulated a few appearances on film sets recently, he would love to take it to the next level for a career on the small screen.
With Kevin's help and network, we want to raise even more money to help the Action Autism foundation! Remember, with each watch sold using the promo code "ACTIONAUTISME". Clicöt donates $ 20 directly to the foundation!


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