Since 1991, Fondation Olo has been collaborating with the practitioners who work with vulnerable families to offer food (eggs, milk and frozen vegetables) and prenatal vitamins as part of a nutritional education program aimed at reducing the number of low birth weight babies.

Today, Fondation Olo provides tools and services to empower parents so they can help their children learn healthy eating habits. Fondation Olo supports action in the field by targeting the period from pregnancy to the child’s second year of life. This focus on early action includes promoting three behaviours: eating well, cooking and having family meals.

Our Mission:
Fondation Olo gives families an equal chance of bringing a healthy baby into the world and of introducing them to healthy eating habits early on.

For all babies to have an equal chance of coming into the world healthy and adopting healthy eating habits early on in life.

To achieve this, Fondation Olo develops innovative tools and methods, contributes to the evolution of current practices and works with partners to deploy services to families throughout Quebec.

Since its inauguration, Fondation Olo has helped over 250,000 babies be born healthy. Every year, we help 7,000 new pregnant women in need across Quebec.

Long-term benefits:

· Stronger parenting skills

· Better eating habits

· Improved parent-child attachment

· Enhanced child development at all levels

· Reductions in obesity and chronic illness

· Better chances of academic success.


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