OUR MISSION: Our mission is simple: help as many animal welfare organizations as possible through different charitable activities.For most of these organizations, raising money is usually their biggest challenge. So, we help them plan fundraisers, supply them with food and other goods, renovate their facilities and more, so that they can truly concentrate on their mission.Once a year we hold the Art to Heart event, and throughout the year we organize ‘’pop-up’’ events in collaboration with different gyms, schools and other organizations. We also regularly hold contests, raffles and auctions and have limited edition of Les Belles et les Bêtes merchandise available in our online store.We have also created strategic associations with brands that share the same ethic and values as ours to sell their products on our website, help with the construction materials, food and other goods.100% of the proceeds from our activities is distributed to selected charities and we are extremely proud of it.

ABOUT US: Being an ambassador of different animal welfare organizations and always looking for new ideas to help them, Kim Bruneau wanted to find a way to raise more money to help different organizations all at the same time. She wanted to create an event. Her friend, Goran Hamsic, a very passionate and creative artist suggested an art exhibit, and from there the brainstorming began. How could they make an art exhibit fun & trendy while keeping it artsy & authentic?! Combining both and forming a committee of key players was the answer. It wasn’t too long that friends and family came on board to concoct the perfect event.

The first edition of the Art to Heart event raised a net amount of $36,000. Following this overwhelming success and other side activities, Kim realized that The Beauties and the Beasts was much more than an event, it was a movement… a movement bringing together animal lovers and organizations dedicated to saving and rehabilitating them… and that it had to grow by becoming a registered foundation and by putting together a strong committee of experts in their respective fields who would put all their heart in it.

And now, may the adventure go on…


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